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Discrimination Claims

Discrimination can come in the form of an Employers negatively altering the terms and conditions of your employment based on membership in of these categories such as sex, age, race, being handicapped, and more.

Harassment Attorney

Harassment can come in the form what is commonly referred to as a hostile work environment or when Employment is conditioned upon being subject to sexual advances which is typically referred to as quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Retaliation Claims

Retaliation Claims stem from situations where an Employee engages in a protected activity and in response, the Employer response with an adverse employment action such as unlawfully demoted, suspended or discharged.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination Claims result from a termination or the resignation (typically referred to as Constructive Discharge) of an Employee due to engaging in a protected activity or being the member of a protected class.

Whistleblower Claims

Whistleblower Claims are grounded in disputes where an Employee has been terminated or otherwise served with an adverse employment action for reporting possible violations by law by their Employer.

Wage & Hour Claims

Wage and Hour Claims involve situations where an Employee is not accurately paid overtime, not paid on time, or forced to work through meal and/or rest breaks that are mandated by law.


All Employers in California are required by state and federal employment laws to pay their Employees for overtime which are hours worked beyond an eight-hour workday, or over a forty-hour workweek.

If you are an hourly employee and are not being properly paid at time and a half or more then it is very likely that your Employer is violating the law.

Meal & Rest Breaks

Under the applicable Laws of the State of California, practically all hourly earners that work for more than five hours are required and entitled to a thirty-minute unpaid lunch break. They must have the opportunity to leave the work environment and ceased all job responsibilities during this time.

Additionally, under California Law, it may be also required that an Employee be permitted a ten-minute break for every four hours of work performed. Typically referred to as a Rest period, it is common for Employers to forget that their Employees are entitled to these breaks.

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